Nothing About Us Without Us*

*South African disability activists Michael Masutha & William Rowland popularized this phrase.

A remarkable and neurodiverse community created The Neu Project. We’re dedicated to amplifying lived experiences, so that we can spur new solutions that create spaces where everyone feels that they belong.

Neurodiversity is a biological reality for humanity; like stars, no two minds are alike.

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Building a More Inclusive World

Common misconceptions and stereotypes can translate into neurodivergent people masking their authentic selves to fit in with societal norms and avoid emotional or physical harm. The Neu Project commits to dismantling these stereotypes and providing a platform for everyone’s authentic self to shine.

“It would be amazing to see an effort to fix the environment, rather than ‘fixing’ me.”

Ellie Middleton (She/Her), UnMasked

Consultant for The Neu Project

An emerging, powerful voice in the Neurodiversity space, Ellie Middleton is breaking taboos and empowering  neurodivergent people and their employers with the tools to best navigate the workspace…

“Self-advocacy and co-advocacy can align in beautifully constructive and impactful ways — but only when one strives to uplift others as much as oneself.”

Jenny Hamer (She/Her; They/Them), Google

Consultant for The Neu Project

Hi, I’m Jenny! I am autistic and an ADHDer. At Google, I’m a machine learning (ML) researcher focusing on foundational ML fairness & DEI-informed problems…

“Never underestimate the power of inclusion and representation. When neurodivergent folks are given the space and freedom to be our authentic selves, magic happens.”

Paff Evara (They/Them), Take Up Space

Consultant for The Neu Project

Paff Evara is a storyteller, digital expert, community builder, and activist. Originally from a small village in Papua New Guinea, Paff's story is their vehicle to inspire other people to be their most authentic selves…

“Neurodivergent people fundamentally think differently, and with the right environment, we're deeply imaginative thinkers. With creativity being one of the most valued commodities, neuroinclusivity is not just a matter of morals but a business imperative.”

Rachel Lowenstein (She/Her), Mindshare

Consultant for The Neu Project

Rachel Lowenstein is a creative leader, storyteller, and media maven. After nearly a decade in media, she has worked with Fortune 500 brands using inclusivity and intentional applications of technology as a brand growth engine…

“When my neurodivergent needs are accommodated, I feel like I can be the very best version of myself. Once someone’s needs are accommodated for, they are able to thrive in any and every situation.”

Onyinye Udokporo (She/Her)

Consultant for The Neu Project

Onyinye Udokporo is an author, entrepreneur, educator, public speaker, and pioneer of social mobility. Having been a tutor for over ten years, Onyinye wanted to delve deeper into the world of Education…

“Belonging is the fuel of innovation, and our neuroinclusive design efforts are the perfect catalyst to build spaces and events where everyone can more easily find belonging.”

Jim Hogan (He/Him/Neurodistinct), Google

Consultant for The Neu Project

Jim Hogan, the Vice President, Accessibility in Technology for Google's Disability Alliance and the Chief Innovation Evangelist, Google Cloud. He is an innovator, a human rights activist, and a strong representative of what is possible for autistic individuals…

“As a neurodivergent person, I feel that representation is an extremely important facet of the event industry. Mental health matters. Neurodivergent people deserve to feel comfortable wherever they are.”

Aisha Van Soest (They/Them)

Dahlia El Gazzar (She/Her), Dahlia + Agency

Consultants for The Neu Project

Dahlia founded her own agency after she worked with tech companies and event industry trailblazers, and found the need for speed – to close the gap between great tech and adoption…

“How a person navigates the complexities of the world, & their surroundings, should never be a barrier to enjoying the gift of experience & learning with others.”

Aaron Kaufman (He/Him), Fifth Element Group

Consultant for The Neu Project

Recognized across North America as a connecting force in experiential design & live events, Aaron is an industry leader in strategic consultation and campaign development…

"You don't need to change, everything else does."

Luke Manton (He/Him)

Entrepreneur, advocate, and all-round Tourettes Syndrome guru. Steering the ship at Manton Executives, Luke's got his hands full running a bustling virtual PA and social media marketing agency, keeping the digital world in tip-top shape…

For more lived experiences, we encourage you to follow neurodivergent influencers, activists, and storytellers.

We’ve included a few of our favorites below:

Be the Change

If you’re neurodivergent, an event professional, leader, designer, or advocate for change in this space, the Neu Project wants to hear your story. We believe that innovation emerges from storytelling, open dialogue, and the sharing of lived experiences.

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