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The Neu Project is exploring the topic of neurodiversity and helping create events that embrace all neurotypes.

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We believe that when an experience is improved for one group or individual, everyone's experience improves. We’re compiling, testing, and refining practical how-to knowledge to develop a range of high-impact methods for transforming spaces toward inclusion.

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5 Tips to kickstart start neuroinclusive design.

While awareness is passive, acceptance is understanding in action. When designing neuroinclusive events, the process must always begin with humility and a willingness to learn.  The Neu Project is here to help you on your journey!

Seek out and listen to neurodivergent stories. Reach out to your audience/community — allow those  passionate about this space to self-identify and invite them to the design table.

Neurodivergent people often process and communicate differently from neurotypical people. Accommodating this means event communications should go above and beyond to be comprehensive, direct, informative, and accessible.

Every neurodivergent person is different. By offering flexibility and optionality at your event, attendees can choose what works best for them — allowing your audience to make your event their ideal one.

Ensuring team and stakeholder alignment, buy-in, and foundational understanding around neurodiversity and neurodivergent needs are table stakes for neuroinclusion. The Neu Project is a great place to start!

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The guide is full of additional tips, terminology, and resources that will transform the way you understand neuroinclusivity.

Download the Guide
PDF 6mb

Open Minds

We are an open community that welcomes participation from all minds — neurodiversity is vital to our research and continues to be the foundation of developing The Neu Project guidelines. While neurodivergent  voices take center stage in everything we do, The Neu project is also a safe space for neurotypical people to learn, ask questions, and try without fear of getting it wrong.

We are all learning together, and from one another — in that lies beauty and power. Our project, message, and resources will evolve as our community of contributors and understanding of various needs grows.

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Understand Neurodiversity

Simply understanding the language and experiences of brain variation can inspire neuroinclusive dialogue, considerations, and design.

Advocate for Neurodivergent Communities

Becoming an advocate will transform how you see events — first by listening to the neurodivergent community and then embracing and sharing their needs.

Adopt a Playbook of Best Practices

The Neu Project guide provides practical how-tos on hosting neuroinclusive experiences. It is an evolving, collaborative resource, updated regularly through feedback, focus groups, and other engagement tools. We’ve created an editable version so you can customize it to your project or organizational needs.

Activate Your Community

Host your next event with neuroinclusion as a key ingredient in your ‘recipe’. Hosting an inclusive event cultivates a space where ideas and people flourish.

Join the Effort

If you want to make event spaces and programming more inclusive, join us by signing the pledge! We’ll stay in touch, share success stories, lessons learned, and new announcements and releases from The Neu Project.

If you’d like to do more than follow along, email us at xi@google.com to let us know how you’d like to get involved.

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Stories are key to spurring change.

Learning from the first-hand experiences of neurodivergent people is essential to helping to overcome the obstacles they face. Part of our mission is collecting personal stories that build empathy and shared understanding. Check out a few of them here:

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