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Creating space for every mind to shine.

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The Neu Project is a diverse, global community working together to make the world more welcoming and productive for neurodivergent communities. This is a brave space. Here, all are welcome, and every mind is valued.

Starting with event spaces and then moving to partnerships in other areas of hospitality, workplaces and beyond, our goal is to amplify existing methods while encouraging new practical approaches to inclusion.

Join us as we use events as a tool to create a neuverse that helps overcome neuroinclusive challenges, empowers diverse voices, and promotes belonging for all neurotypes. To get started, click on the links below to access guidance and best practices: An Event Professional’s Guide to NeuroInclusion.

Download the Guide
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Use #neuproject on social media posts when planning neuroinclusive events. We’d love to follow along and share your actions!

Making Space

Neurodiversity includes all naturally occurring brain types — both





Neurodiversity is a valuable form of human diversity. The idea that there is one “normal” or “healthy” type of brain or neurocognitive functioning, is culturally constructed fiction, no more valid than the idea that there is one “normal” or “right” ethnicity, gender, or culture.

Neurodivergent people make up approximately

of the global population; some put the number closer to


Well-known types of neurodivergence include:

Sensory Processing
“It would be amazing to see an effort to fix the environment, rather than ‘fixing’ me.”

Ellie Middleton (She/Her), UnMasked

Consultant for The Neu Project

“Self-advocacy and co-advocacy can align in beautifully constructive and impactful ways — but only when one strives to uplift others as much as oneself.”

Jenny Hamer (She/Her; They/Them), Google

Consultant for The Neu Project

“Never underestimate the power of inclusion and representation. When neurodivergent folks are given the space and freedom to be our authentic selves, magic happens.”

Paff Evara (They/Them), Take Up Space

Consultant for The Neu Project

“Neurodivergent people fundamentally think differently, and with the right environment, we're deeply imaginative thinkers. With creativity being one of the most valued commodities, neuroinclusivity is not just a matter of morals but a business imperative.”

Rachel Lowenstein (She/Her), Mindshare

Consultant for The Neu Project

“When my neurodivergent needs are accommodated, I feel like I can be the very best version of myself. Once someone’s needs are accommodated for, they are able to thrive in any and every situation.”

Onyinye Udokporo (She/Her)

Consultant for The Neu Project

“Belonging is the fuel of innovation, and our neuroinclusive design efforts are the perfect catalyst to build spaces and events where everyone can more easily find belonging.”

Jim Hogan (He/Him/Neurodistinct), Google

Consultant for The Neu Project

“As a neurodivergent person, I feel that representation is an extremely important facet of the event industry. Mental health matters. Neurodivergent people deserve to feel comfortable wherever they are.”

Aisha Van Soest (They/Them)

Dahlia El Gazzar (She/Her), Dahlia + Agency

Consultants for The Neu Project

“How a person navigates the complexities of the world, & their surroundings, should never be a barrier to enjoying the gift of experience & learning with others.”

Aaron Kaufman (He/Him), Fifth Element Group

Consultant for The Neu Project

"You don't need to change, everything else does."

Luke Manton (He/Him)

The Win-Win

Creating events that support and empower all brain types has many benefits; the more attuned we become to others, the more everyone wins.

Diversity boosts creativity and innovation by allowing different perspectives and experiences to come together in one space. Hosting inclusive events also means more people feel heard, seen, understood, and appreciated.

DE&I is an essential practice in 2022. However, neuroinclusion remains a gap in the industry, particularly in corporate events. This approach allows event professionals to differentiate while accommodating and including more people. The Neu Project focuses on transforming how those leading, designing, building, and delivering events can execute with shared experiences in mind.

Galas & Balls
Networking & Social Events
Trade Shows

An Event Professionals Guide to Neuroinclusive Events

In partnership with more than 100 people representing more than 20 organizations, The Neu Project created a guide to explore the topic of neurodiversity, its benefits, and the significance of creating events that are inclusive of all neurotypes. It’s full of practical strategies for curating experiences that are considerate of all minds.

An Event Professionals Guide to Neuroinclusive Events is an evolving, collaborative resource, updated regularly through feedback, focus groups, and other engagement tools.

We are always looking to learn and improve.

Download the Guide
PDF 6mb
Thumbnail preview of a page of the downloadable guideThumbnail preview of a page of the downloadable guideThumbnail preview of a page of the downloadable guideThumbnail preview of the cover of the downloadable guide, titled The Event Professional's Guide to Neuroinclusion

If you use the guide or checklist to design an event, let us know by using #neuproject on social media!